Venice Artisans Photo Tour

The Craftsmen  and Artisans Tour offers  you the opportunity to encounter the true venetian tradition through its finest and selected products. 

The Craftsmen's shops in Venice are points of interest on the special map of the true spirit of Venice, from the history to the present in the most magic and romantic city in the world.  

By observing the Venetian Craftsmen in their daily handwork you will experience how to create with typical materials and ancient techniques: the result will be really surprising.
Enter the ateliers and shops through our  Tour and come to see and know the secrets of our local art! 

Murano Glass factories and small shops, Venice Carnival Masks and Costumes ateliers, the blacksmith shop and many many more. Through the great variety of Venice artistic works the true taste of this unique tradition will be yours.


  • The tour is for 2 people
  • Last 3 hours
  • Price €300 for the tour
  • Extra person €50 each max 2


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