leica  Photography workshop milan


DISCLOSURE : I have NO links with Leica or Leica Akademie.

Work Hard Play Hard  -  €1200 for 6h Private 1-2-1

Better Photo Walks teamed up with London/Ljubljana based photo journalist and Ambassador at Getty Images  Marco Secchi to create this unique experience to improve your photography skills using and mastering a Leica Camera while visiting Milan.


Looking for a great Leica shooting & learning experience? What can be better than discover the hidden and real Milan while shooting with a Leica camera?? The Leica is the perfect companion being quiet, unobtrusive, light and small.

Look no further My Leica workshop is probably what you are looking for to discover the real Milan. I shoot news and editorial features for Getty Images, and a vast selection of international newspapers and private commercial clients. My images appear show regularly on major media outlets and books. I use Leica M10 and Leica Monochrom M246 on a daily basis for my work!

A review on one of my recent Exhibition in Russia based on Leica photos in Black and White is here


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