Join our Long Exposure Photography Workshop and develop techniques so you can create unique images of landscapes and architecture.

Long exposure photography requires the use of ND filters so you can use long shutter speeds to create interesting effects with clouds, water and movement. Capturing images like this requires excellent technique and some knowledge. By joining this workshop you’ll be guided in the techniques needed.

Course content:

  • Calculating exposures correctly when using ND filters
  • Achieving focus so you have the sharpest possible images
  • Using ND, graduated and polarising filters to achieve dramatic effects
  • In camera techniques to achieve the best quality images, and steps you need to follow every time so you don’t ruin potentially great shots
  • Understanding your histogram to get the best images for editing
  • Editing techniques in Lightroom, Photoshop and Silver FX Pro 2

You’ll require a camera, tripod, 10 stop ND filter and a polarising filter for this workshop, plus a remote trigger. A graduated ND filter is also useful but not essential. Contact us if you have any questions.