Venice Transport Tour



Venice features a remarkably comprehensive and efficient water public-transportation system, so to truly experience the way that locals do, there is no better way than getting around the city by waterbus. During our 2.5-hour tour, participants  get a guided tour of the city in a special way. We offer a real-life experience – get to know Venice  and its dwellers as they live their everyday life.


A 2.5-hour Venice tour where participants learn how to use the public-transportation system firsthand
Visit major landmarks.Participants can learn about taking excursions to other lagoon locations .


Learn everything you need to know about Venice's public-transport tickets and passes before embarking on an urban excursion with a friendly guide, providing interesting details about the landmarks and monuments that we will pass along the way. You will experience the Vaporetto, Motoscafo, Gondola and Taxi! 

Guests are also encouraged to ask questions about touring other parts of the city not covered in this excursion, allowing them to make their own way around the city at the lowest cost possible after this tour.

Additional info:

Included: a notebook, a souvenir pen, a 24-hour pass worth Euro 20 for any means of transportation (value 20 Euro), a map showing the route we cover, Rider’s Booklet 

Price: € 150.00 / 1 person  € 180.00 / 2 persons, € 220.00 / 3 persons



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